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"An International Outreach to Call People to Repentance and
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"'Born to Blaze' was an intense spiritual experience for the young people who attended our conference from all parts of Ireland. At a strategic and prophetic gathering Carl gave a 'now' word from the Lord and functioned freely in the role of releasing a fresh prophetic and evangelistic impartation on those that attended. Ministering with compassion and insight we saw an obvious ministry of the Holy Spirit flow through Carl and I would have no hesitation in recommending his ministry to any church or movement serious about experiencing more of the Holy Spirit."

Adrian Eagleson, Youth Pastor
Christian Fellowship Church &
Leader of HELIX Initiatives,
Belfast, Ireland

Contact Rev. Carl Anderson about ministering at an event to inspire the youth in your church. Using themes from his Generation X book, Carl will challenge and mobilize your youth.

"Lord, we stand here as a desperate people, hungry for the things of you.

Come quiet the storms that rage all around us so that we hear the passion that beats through your heart.

Spirit, put healing in our hands, put life in our words, and drive a passion for the lost deep in the hearts of your people.

Inhabit the praises of us, your children, and Father send us out with a reckless passion. Deliver us from evil, and set a standard of unity to break down walls and to heal your people. Unity is the cry of your church, Lord. Reconcile the children to the fathers, and with forgiveness and mercy, rush through the hearts of our land.

We cry out our deep need for you, Jesus. Oh God, come in power and bring glory to your name."

Excerpt from a spontaneous prayer during, “Passion, the Road to One Day.” A worship CD published by Sparrow Records, Brentwood, Tennessee.


Born to Blaze Ministries introduces its latest book:

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"Carl Anderson is a passionate prophetic evangelist with a concern to see a new generation to rise up and fulfil their destiny in Christ. His book, Changing of the Guard, will help all those who want to understand God's generational purposes and are prepared to enter into the purposes of God for their life. I highly recommend it."
Canon J. John, Evangelist,
The Philo Trust

Who is Generation X? It’s all those Joshuas under the age of 40.

It’s from this Generation that God is raising up the next leaders: the bold—the faithful—those who will “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.”

This book will inspire these Joshuas to come to Almighty God as their intimate Father. It will give instruction on practical ways to train and release this bold new guard of disciplined, passionate soldiers to the purposes of God. It will examine the factors that have shaped this end-times generation into one more desperate than any other for the things of God and poised to turn the world upside down for the Gospel.

Changing of the Guard also speaks to those Moseses, over the age of 40, who have birthed Generation X, physically and spiritually and discusses the vital role these Moseses continue to play in God’s work today.

Will you accept His invitation to

  • launch out in the Spirit and possess the impossible?
  • Believe the impossible?
  • Live the radical life of faith?
  • On the edge of God’s frontier?
  • If so, He will transform you into the Xtreme!

Changing of the Guard was written by Rev. Carl W. Anderson, a young preacher with a heart for God and a desire to see God's power poured out on this world. To preview a portion of the book, click here.

“…the Lord will rise upon you, and His glory will appear upon you. And nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising” Isaiah 60: 2b-3

“I write to commend the book ‘Changing of the Guard.’ Carl Anderson, who I have known for over ten years, has given us an exciting and challenging look at what these changes mean for the future of the church, especially for ministry to Generation X.”
--Dr. Alan Langstaff, Kairos Ministries, Inc.

“A call to action from a young man of action. This book will inform you, inspire you and move you to begin a daily practice of changing the world one person at a time."
--Phil Buekler, Phil Buekler Ministries

Carl Preaching

"When I read Changing of the Guard I was stirred within myself to do two things. The first was to pursue Jesus on behalf of my whole generation, and secondly, I became aware of the importance to honor my mentors in the faith. I recommend this book to an entire young army who desperately need to know their place, as well as mothers and fathers who want their legacy to matter…"
--Matthew, age 25.

“Your book was truly life-changing when I read it last month. The pages were filled with so much FAITH for God’s purposes in our day and the Holy Spirit used it to inspire me to begin changing lives for the gospel. I have no doubt you’re going to impact thousands with it.”
–a pastor’s wife, July, 2006.



"He Believes in You"
unlocking the mystery of Generation X and secrets of how to reach 'em
This unique 40 minute message is based on material written in Changing of the Guard.
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